Abstract (Windows)

galleri Sinne | 5 June – 2 August 2020 | Helsinki


Abstract is a group exhibition curated by Juha-Heikki Tihinen and it is organized by Pro Artibus. The exhibition took place in two locations, gallery Elverket and gallery Sinne.

The work Window consists of two windows painted with aquarelle color. On the first window painted green film gently manipulates the window view so that the green tones are emphasized at the expense of the others. Although it is applied as evenly as possible, the light groove due to the binder (gum arabic) brings inaccuracy and a kind of chirping vibration to the landscape.

The color film of the second window is made with a binder alone. The colors do not change, but the chirping effect intensifies when the film manipulates the geometric vertical and horizontal lines of the street view.

Abstract in gallery Sinne presented works also from Beryl Furman, Alvar Gullichsen, Jani Anders Purhonen and Päivi Sirén.


Images Maarit Mustonen